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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Big Blob of Randomness

Old School Rap:

New School Rap:

All of this came about because I was talking to Joe in Surrey about accents - he was having trouble understanding the accents from the first video above, and he asked if I could make it out. Well, of course I can. But then he sent me the second video. I got it, too, though I had to listen a lot closer. Back in the spring we had a software engineer from Manchester come to Virginia to help us with some issues with a system we have for using smartboards in the schools. John's accent was tough, I had to pay close attention when he was speaking. But his is no different than someone here in the US with a strong New England accent, or a Southern drawl or a Texan twang, which all sound very foreign to most folks who visit here from other countries. Anyway, then Joe showed me this, and it's spot on!

And finally, he posted this, one of my favorite songs, just to round out the randomness of this whole post!

And now it's more random...got a friend who is a gun nut...more so than me, and almost anyone else I know. His comment on this picture was "Just sent another round of paperwork to the ATF, I'll be on my best behavior."


  1. Hello Jay
    The UK, for a relatively small country, is awash with different accents, some of which can be pretty impenetrable, even for a another Brit - I remember, when I was working part time in a petrol station while I was in the sixth form, serving a coach driver from rural Northumberland, and it's no exaggeration to say that I didn't understand a single word he said apart from '25 gallons of diesel, please'!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B

    1. I think I did pretty well. But then, I was in the midlands and Cornwall mostly, and Cambridge, well, it's not too heavily accented.

  2. The perception world map is pretty accurate!